Healing List

Please help by sending your healing energy to our friends listed blow.

Please send healing to: Amy Painter
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I am in dire need of healing. I have a variety of different physical and mental ailments. I am only 39 and I feel like I am 90. I want to be able to enjoy life and be able to play with my kids. Thank You!
Who is located in: North Carolina, US

Please send healing to: Kali Bell
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Kali Bell
Who is located in: QLD, Australia

Please send healing to: Janet Horner
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I would like to ask for healing for Janet Horner. she is having difficulty walking. She is 79 years old and recently she torn a ligament in her ankle whilst recovering from a left knee replacement. She is in alot of pain in both her shoulders as she had a rotata cuff surgery two years ago and both her hips are painful and her left knee. i feel so sorry for her as the pain never seems to ease. thankyou. just to feel that she might be able to have some absent healing would benefit her I feel.
Who is located in: Rye, East Sussex, UK

Please send healing to: Peter horner
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My brother Peter has suffered a small stroke. We do not know the extent of the damage yet but there seems to be evident memyory loss. He is diabetic too. Thank you so much. He has also been told by a healer that helped him stop smoking that he too is a healer but he is afraid to believe.
Who is located in: London and Somerset., UK

Please send healing to: bruce walker
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I have had MS for 19 years and am now unable to walk, my right side of my body is not working, I trust that you can help me.

Manu thanks.
Who is located in: Lancashire uk, United Kingdom

Please send healing to: PETER BOYD
Send healing to help with:
Peter has been suffering from long term depression for many years and this is affecting his quality of life

Many thanks.
Who is located in: yorkshire, United Kingdom