Welcome to our Family. Spiritual Healing is the Foundation from which many other Healing methods have emerged over the last 100 years and, as such, can be thought of as the wellspring of many of today’s Healing practices. BAHA Protects, Promotes, Nurtures and Advances this unique heritage and blend of tried-and-tested Healing, on behalf of all Healers, while continuing to develop new approaches using both traditional and modern training methods, always with the aim of ensuring a High Quality Service.

The British Alliance of Healing Associations has its roots in the late nineteen forties. At this time the various county associations representing healers joined together under the guidance of John Britnell of Essex Healers.
They originally called themselves the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and appointed Harry Edwards as member No l out of recognition as one of the foremost champions of Spiritual Healing at that time. He was joined by numerous others over the years as Healing grew and prospered within the Spiritualist community.

The Healing community underwent tremendous persecution, Changes and growth over the next twenty years. In the nineteen seventies the National Federation of Spiritual Healers decided to cease being an umbrella body and chose to represent only individual members. The original founding associations remained united and formed the British Alliance of Healing Associations to represent individual associations and groups of county associations as it had in the beginning.

Since then BAHA has continued to grow steadily in terms of numbers of associations and is now emerging as the pre-eminent umbrella body rep- resenting Spiritual, Reiki and Energy healers. It continues to be guided by Kenneth Baker who has over fifty years service and knowledge within the Healing community and is still at to: cutting edge of protecting healers with a strong awareness of government policy and EU developments. As BAHA continues to grow we acknowledge our history and roots whilst being innovative, forward looking and thinking with a remit to protect all Healers and nurture them to meet future challenges.